WelcomeFeel Cared for, Safe and at Home

Our residents feel cared for, safe and at home with the exceptional levels of support provided by our all-day concierge service and the specialists in our restaurant and service, where competence and kindness is our nature. Our on-site physicians and health centre employ both general and specialist practitioners, and therapists who, upon request, can contribute directly to each unique resident´s health and happiness.

Opening Times from our restaurant“Das Hamerling”: daily from 08:00 – 10:00 am and 12:00 – 02:00 pm. Upon request, it is possible for our residents to invite guests to lunch.

TeamSenioren Residenz Josefstadt

Birgit Klausz

Head of Administration

Phone: +43 1 890 24 64 603

Email: klausz@residenz-josefstadt.at

Szilvia Tömböly

Housekeeper and Residents Representation

Phone: +43 1 890 24 64 650

Email: toemboely@residenz-josefstadt.at

Roman Hammerschmid

In-House Technician

Phone: +43 1 890 24 64 560

Email: hammerschmid@residenz-josefstadt.at

Sabine Gugenberger

Social care, health and nursing management & coordination

Phone: +43 664 236 94 79

Email: gugenberger@residenz-josefstadt.at

Sandra Mather

Maternity leave